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December Release: Worka Sakaro Natural

Cupping Notes: Strawberry, Blueberry, Bright

Roast profile: Light

Process: Natural

Varietals: Heirloom Cultivars: Kumie, Siga, Wilsho

Altitude: 6900 ft.

Origin: Worko Sakaro Washing Station, Gedeo, Ethiopia


     We’ve wanted to do an Ethiopian Coffee again for quite a while. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee and has a rich and vibrant coffee ceremony culture. With few exceptions, farms and mills in the Great Rift Valley and Ethiopia are processing coffees the way they have for hundreds of years. While we don’t see experimental post harvest processes or much development of new varietals, we do see farmers using their well-practiced traditions making great coffees. These coffees really speak to the origin, terroir, and the unique heritage cultivars being grown.

     This coffee comes from 400 smallholder farms in the Gedeo region, which includes the famous Yirga Chefe village. It was dried on African beds for 18-21 days and then milled.

     This coffee lives up to those traditional expectations. It’s fruity with a strong blueberry/strawberry profile. It’s fun to work with coffees from the original coffee forests of Ethiopia.

Worka Sakaro Natural Ethiopia


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