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Wilderness Breakfast

 St. Drogo's Coffee 
& Bake House

We're so excited that our coffee bar is now open in our location at 7514 S. State St. Lowville, NY. Our roasting facility is located inside of the St. Drogo's Coffee and Bake House, also known as the old Lewis County Jail!

It's a very different layout from a typical coffee shop. The intent is to enable customers to enjoy our coffee and baked goods in a coffee-centric environment where people can learn and see how coffee is roasted. 

A New Home for Tug Hill Artisan Roasters

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 4.09.33 PM.png

January 2022 saw the purchase of the Old Jailhouse in Lowville, a structure built in 1864, and added onto in 1932 which has fallen into disrepair since the late 1980s when it was last used as offices.

The Jailhouse offers a unique location in the heart of Lowville for a unique flagship store. With plans for a large cafe space for the community to enjoy, private workspaces, and possible a unique airbnb style experience!

We're excited to announce that the Roastery opened in the Old Jail with its coffee bar in January 2023 and the bakery followed suit quickly in February.


Work is still under way restoring the rest of the building and reconfiguring it to be a multi-use workspace. Give us a follow on social media to watch the progress!

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Who Are We

Who is St. Drogo?

Saint Drogo

St. Drogo?

Obviously, Easter is the big holiday on the Christian Calendar this weekend, but did you know that the Patron Saint of Coffee, St. Drogo, has his feast day Saturday, April 16?


A French Saint for Coffee

St. Drogo is a French Saint of shepherds, coffee house owners, coffee house keepers and a litany of others including mentally ill people, mute people, orphans, sick people and unattractive people. 


When you work in coffee long enough, you start to get the feeling that we're all just a bunch of misfits trying to do our best. With that in mind, we feel that St. Drogo is a very appropriate saint for the specialty coffee world. 


Tug Hill Artisan Roasters wishes everyone a Happy Easter and a Happy St. Drogo's Day!

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