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Coffee of the Month

Every month the Tug Hill Artisan Roasters team offers a new and exciting coffee for a limited time.
These coffees represent some of the finest origins and highlight progressive farmers that are pushing the standards of specialty coffee. We invite you to sign up for our coffee of the month subscription, so you don’t miss out on these new limited releases.


Finca Monte Sinai

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, Apple, Red Grape,

Roast profile: Medium/Light

Process: Natural

Varietals: Parainema

Altitude: 4800Ft.

Origin: Finca Monte Sinai, Tierra Madre Collective, Jinotega Region

Every year coffees change a little bit. This can be dependent upon a number of variables including rainfall, temperatures and changes to post harvest processes. While Noah and I were searching for a similar coffee to our Rough and Ready roast, we were introduced to this coffee from the Tierra Madre Women’s Owned Collective in Nicaragua.

We knew this coffee would be very different from the other coffees were cupping, but it really stood out. It’s my first attempt at roasting a Parainema coffee varietal, which is a local Nicaraguan varietal. The coffee was naturally processed, on a bed in a shade house, to slow down the drying process.

It has great cup quality with some nice chocolate and juicy components. We were only able to purchase one bag of this coffee, so supply is a little more limited than usual. Finally, we wanted to hold off on releasing this until March. Finca Monte Sinai is a Women’s Owned Collective and they’re doing great work amongst the coffee farmers of Northern Nicaragua.  

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