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May's Release: "Jairo's Tabi"

Cupping notes: Strawberry, Fig, Creamy

Roast Profile: Light

Process: Natural / Experimental

Varietal: Tabi

Altitude: 4590 - 4750 Ft.

Origin: Colombia, Armenia (village), Quindio, Finca Villaroza


The cat ladies (and Dave) in the bakery were excited to hear we were releasing a tabi in May. Then I had to break it to them that Jairo's tabi is, in this case, a varietal of coffee and just like the lawyer from Texas, not a cat.  

This coffee is the result of some hand shakes and follow-up from the Producer Roaster Forum in Guatemala City that Noah, Vanessa and I attended back in March. The exporter/importer "Cafenet" had a small delegation at PRF and we quickly realized that they had access to some great coffees from Colombia.   

Colombia is a huge coffee producer. While I think that most would agree that there is a traditional "Colombian Coffee", Colombia's specialty coffee growers have utilized the diversity of local climates to produce a tremendous diversity of coffees. Also, Colombian coffee growers working in specialty are among the forefront of post harvest processing. In all this experimentation, you're bound to find some real gems. 

This tabi (a cross of between the Typica, Bourbon and Timor Hybrid) was naturally processed where it was first dried aerobically for 24hrs and then in Grainpro bags for 50 hrs at a temperature below 22*C (71*F). Then it was dried slowly for dry mill processing and exportation. 

Jairo also experiments with fruit fermentation on his farm. We will release one of Jairo's "Peach Fermented Coffees" as a super limited micro lot later on this summer.

Jairo's Tabi


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