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Using a technology that has been around for over 50 years, Hario has created an updated, modern version of the syphon brewing method. This type of brewing allows the user greater control over the process, ensuring a clean coffee with unmistakable flavors and no sediment is produced. Simply pour the coffee grounds into the upper bowl and then fill the bottom bowl with water. When the bottom bowl is then heated, the hot water will rise to the upper bowl and saturate the coffee grounds. When the brewing process is complete, simply remove the heating element and the extracted coffee will flow down into the lower bowl and is then ready to be served.

The upper and lower bowl are made out of famous Hario heatproof glass, making them safe to use over open flames. Additionally, the stand can be used with an industrial gas burner or alcohol burner (alcohol not included). The wide opening of the upper bowl allows you to easily stir the coffee and grounds as they brew, and the thick black handle provides a firm grip for steady handling. Your customers will delight over the luscious aromas as they watch the movement of the coffee when you brew using this Hario coffee syphon!

Hario Syphon "Technica"


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