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February Release: Finca El Jardin Collection, Anacafe-14

Cupping Notes: Honey, Chamomile, Vanilla

Roast Profile: Light/Medium

Process: Experimental

Varietal: Anacafe-14

Altitude: 5000 ft

Origin: Guatemala


This is the last lot from Pablo’s 2023 harvest. A lot of attention was given to the harvesting and processing of this coffee. The Anacafe-14 is a relatively new variety of coffee developed in collaboration with the National Coffee Board of Guatemala. While the original intent was to develop a coffee that produces large yields at lower, hotter altitudes, some farmers, including Pablo, discovered that it produces superior cup quality at higher altitudes.


This is a coffee that the Finca El Jardin is investing heavily in for larger future yields.

We’re pretty excited about what the future holds.


When the Finca El Jardin estate built its own micro-mill in 2022, it enabled them to start controlling the post harvest process. This coffee was an experimental process where the beans were first fermented anaerobically and then oxygenated for another 24hrs. This coffee has nice notes of Honey, Chamomile, and Vanilla. There is some fermentation that comes through as well, but overall, it’s a clean cup.

Anacafe-14 (Finca El Jardin Collection)


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