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Coffee of the Month

January Release: Jair Calambas, Colombia

Cupping notes: Cocoa, Cloves, Ginger, Sweet

Roast profile: Light

Process: Washed

Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Castillo,

Growing altitude: 5000-7,200 Feet above sea level

Origin: 1059 Smallholders across three communities: Caldono, Tacueyo, Mercedes

The 1059 smallholding farmers that produced this coffee belong to the CENCOIC collective. Until recently, the FARC rebel group controlled these farmers. In 2018 the CENCOIC collective was organized as a means for these indigenous farmers to present their coffee to international markets.


The farmers are part of the Nasa people. Today, there are roughly 60,000 Nasa people in the Cauca Department of Colombia. These people have their own language and claim the motto, “Unity, Earth, Culture and Autonomy”.


After being picked and washed, the coffee was fermented for 13-28hrs at the farmers’ homes before being dried and stored in silos. While all this coffee originates from one collective, it is a blend of coffees from the 1059 farmers. Still, the complexity and beauty of the coffee is not lost or dulled from blending at the packaging site. We were very impressed with this coffee. It is very full bodied, sweet and complex. 



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