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Coffee of the Month

June Release: Anaerobic Natural Catuai

Cupping Notes: Raspberry, Wine and Cherry 

Roast profile: Medium Light

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Catuai, Anacafe14

Altitude: 5000

Origin: Finca El Jardin, Fraijanes Region, Guatemala

This is the last coffee from Pablo and Eva’s Finca El Jardin 2022 harvest collection. It’s a great coffee that really brings to light the effort and skill of growing high quality coffees in the volcanic soils of Guatemala. 

         I, Scott, enjoy traveling and meeting new people. It was a pleasure traveling to Guatemala in January/February of this year. Visiting Pablo and seeing what coffee farming and processing really looks like at the ground level was amazing. Watching and participating in the daily work really helped fill in some of the mental gaps I had about different processing methods. Seeing the effects of different varietals and disease resistance was super helpful as well. 

         This coffee was anaerobically fermented meaning it was fermented in a barrel in the absence of oxygen. That contributes to some of juiciness. 

         We’re looking forward to sharing the 2022-2023 harvest with you later on this summer!



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