Chance encounters are often amongst the best kind. Towards the end of Coffee Fest
in NYC, Vanessa, Charli and I were wandering around the exhibition hall when we
discovered Tio Conejo. We got to cupping some of their coffees and talking about origin and processes. The next thing we knew, we’re getting sent home with samples of some amazing coffees.

The Maca coffee is unique for a few reasons. First, it is extremely high altitude.
Second, it is a “Colombia” varietal, which is an East Timor Hybrid crossed with a Caturra. Some attribute it with saving the coffee industry in Colombia because it was bred with needed hardiness before the onset of leafrust. Finally, this is our first Anaerobically processed coffee (and we’re stoked)!

Anaerobic fermentation is a post harvest process, where coffee is fermented in the
absence of oxygen. After these beans were washed and depulped, they were put in a
bioreactor, where a specific strain of yeast was inoculated. The beans were fermented for 36hrs before being taken out and washed again. The level of control over the chemical reactions in the bioreactor can yield some great results.



Wholesale Maca, Colombia