December's Coffee of the Month


Chelbesa Gedeb G2, Ethiopia
Cupping notes: Orange, Prune, Chamomile
Roast profile: Medium
Process: Washed
Arabica variety: Heirloom, Dega, Kurume
Altitude: 6400 – 7280 ft
Origin: Worka Chelbesa Wash Station, Gedeo Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia

The Worka Chelbesa Washing Station purchase coffee beans from 682 local farmers in the surrounding countryside. At the washing station the coffee is washed and undergoes a double fermentation for 48 hrs before being dried on raised beds for 12 days. In addition to Heirloom varieties, this blend also has Dega and Kurume varietals.
Dega and Kurume are both “landrace” varietals. This means that these varieties came from trees in the forest that the farmers recognized as having better potential. Seeds from these trees were then propagated into saplings and grown on farmer plots. Unlike random heirloom varieties, landrace coffees can be traced back to specific trees in the forest. Also, unlike hybridized coffees, they occurred naturally. They’re basically a combination of the best that nature has to offer.
This is the first year our friends over at Crop to Cup have purchased coffee from this mill and they’ve uncovered a real gem in the Ethiopian Highlands!


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