September Release: Chamí, Colombia, Natural

Cupping notes: Fruity, Chocolate, Sweet

Roast profile: Medium-Light

Process: Natural

Hybrid varieties: Castillo and Colombia

Growing altitude: 5,500ft ASL

Origin: Invercafé, Risaralda, Colombia 


Back at the beginning of August, I, Scott, had the privilege of hosting an evening of coffee tasting with Q grader and Cold Brew Champion, Maca, from Tioconejo at The Waiting Room in Old Forge.

We brewed up a few coffees including a Colombian Anaerobic from a few months ago as well as last month's gesha from Costa Rica. Maca also brought along a few coffees that evening for us to cup. This coffee really caught my attention and I hope you enjoy it as well. 

Coming from the Western Andean department of Risaralda, this beautifully processed coffee really brings out the juiciness and complexity of a good Colombian Natural. 

The farmer, Felipe Aristizabal, pays a lot of attention to the harvest as well as post-harvest processing. First, the beans are picked and then floated. Floating is a simple way to separate out less desirable less dense beans from properly ripened more dense beans. There is debate around this as it can also wash away some of the sugars, but generally speaking, the result is a more balanced cup. After floating, the beans are fermented in barrels for 72hrs and finally dried on the patio for weeks all before being washed. 

We think this coffee is quite good. You’ll have to give it a try yourself and let us know your thoughts. We look forward to finding more gems from Colombia.


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