March Release: Nyamagabe, Rwanda

Cupping notes: Lemongrass, plum, toffee

Roast profile: Light

Process: Washed

Arabica variety: Red Bourbon

Growing altitude: 5,575 ft. Above Sea Level

Origin: Ibisi Mountain Wash Station, Southern Nyamagabe,  Rwanda


         For a long time, Rwandan coffee grower, Bernard Uwitije, was focusing on growing commodity grade coffee. In 2015, after partnering with the Rwanda Trading Company (RTC), Bernard started to focus his energy on producing higher quality coffees for the specialty market. Fast-forward to today and Bernard placed in Rwanda’s Cup of Excellence top 40 with this very coffee! The RTC has worked directly with farmers, like Bernard, in buying, milling and selling their coffees as well as agribusiness training programs to really improve not only the quality of Rwanda’s coffee but also increase the revenues for farmers. We are thankful for their collaboration in this month’s limited release.

     We at Tug Hill Roasters are partial to coffees like this one from the Great Rift Valley of Africa. In our opinion, these countries (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda) have made incredible strides in producing some of the best specialty coffees in the world and yet they rarely get brought into the limelight. So, for the month of March we want to give a shout out to Rwandan coffee growers for another delicious coffee!  

Nyamagabe, Rwanda