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September Release: Lot #9

Cupping Notes: Prune, Floral, Hazelnut

Roast profile: Light

Process: Washed Wet Fermentation

Varietals: Bourbon, Caturra, Pache 

Altitude: 1600m

Origin: Finca El Jardin, Fraijanes District, Guatemala

This is the fourth year we’ve worked with Pablo and Eva at the Finca El Jardin

farm in Guatemala. This coffee is the first of 5 lots Tug Hill Artisan Roasters

purchased from this year’s harvest. From a roasting perspective it’s fun seeing these

coffees come full circle. They were the ones I (Scott) sample roasted with Pablo at

the farm this past winter in January.


The coffee itself is very pleasant and a lot of work was put into its processing.

First, the cherries were floated, then placed in a sealed tank for 3 days, then

depulped, left to soak for 24hrs, washed and finally dried in a greenhouse for 3

weeks before being sent to the drymill for parchment removal.


It’s exciting to see Pablo and Eva improve their processing and offerings. Walking

around the farm in January, seeing all the gesha, sidra, anacafe-14 and pacamara

sapplings growing, it’s apparent we’re in for some stellar coffees in the future.

Lot #9


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