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Cupping Notes: Caramel, Prune, Red Apple

Roast profile: Medium

Process: Natural

Varietals: Bourbon

Altitude: 5900 - 7200 FASL

Origin: Kinini Village, Rulindo, Rwanda


This month's release comes from the Kinini Village of the Northern province, Rulindo, Rwanda. “Kinini” in Rwandan means, “this big thing right here.” 


The goal of the Kinini Coffee Cooperative was to provide good coffee for farmers to grow, a washing station for processing, an export station to other countries, and provide a foundation for improvements and investments in the farmers' lives. Kinini has provided coffee trees, training, and organization. With that support, these farmers have a great foundation for success. 


Coffee is a tree and like most trees we get one harvest per year. We’ve purchased the coffee from the Kinini Cooperative in years past both as a natural and a washed. It’s exciting to see their progress in improving their standards of excellence year after year. We think this coffee has notes of prune, apple, carmel and is extremely smooth. We don’t typically release a coffee from the same farm year after year for a coffee of the month, but this one was the best in our blind cuppings and we’re excited that Kinini continues to improve its offering.  

Kinini, Rwanda


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