July Release: Kilimanjaro AA, Tanzania

Cupping notes: Buttery, Creamy Cashew, Date

Roast profile: Medium             

Process: Washed

Arabica variety: K9, N39, Batian

Growing altitude:  6500-8200 feet ASL

Origin: Kilimanjaro Estate, Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania


    At 19,308 ft. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. The Kilimanjaro Estate is in the foothills of this iconic mountain and produces some of the best Tanzanian coffees. This particular green coffee was graded AA, which is the highest rating for coffees from Kenya and Tanzania (I’m sure there’s a reason, but I don’t know why Tanzania and Kenya have a separate rating system).


     The Kilimanjaro Estate is a UTZ certified estate. UTZ is a Dutch certification system that recognizes sustainability in various agricultural products. Unlike “Organic” certification, which contributes to unequal power structures (consumers dictating the terms of production to the growers), UTZ promotes the idea of moderate use of fertilizers/pesticides. UTZ came out of a collaboration between a Guatemalan coffee grower and a Dutch roaster where both parties worked to figure out what each really needs. Moderation, supporting sustainability and finding common ground to make a better product are things we can get behind.


     We like this coffee. It’s smooth and has some similar characteristics to a “honeyed” coffee. We hope you like it too.




Killimanjaro AA, Tanzania


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