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The coffee lover's dream gift, freshly roasted coffee sent right to their door! Send a regular 10 ounce bag off coffee in montly increments for 3, 6, or 12 months with a gift note! Subscribe and save with 10% off! Shipping charge additional.




“Ol’ Gee Whiz” Swiss Water Decaf

Want the delicious, flavorful taste of coffee without the caffeine? We've got you covered with our Colombia Dulima Swiss Water Decaf!


Cupping notes: Baker's Chocolate, Cherry, Sweet, clean

Roast profile: Medium

Origin: Tolima and Huila regions, Colombia


Process: Washed

Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process (chemical-free decaffeination using filtration, water & temperature to extract caffeine)


Running George

Our "Running George" roast is named in honor of Montague native, and running black-smith legend, George Jackunski. It is a mild, clean and nutty cup sure to please your taste buds!


Cupping Notes: Nutty, milk chocolate, cedar

Roast profile: Medium

Origin: Cachoeira de Grama farm, Vale de Grama, Mogiana Region, Brazil

Altitude: 3100-3800 feet above sea level

Arabica variety: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Natural


Whitetail Blend

Our "Whitetail Blend" is the perfect combination of our medium roast Brazil and dark roast Nicaragua beans. It is smooth and well balanced. While we intended it to be a seasonal release at its conception, it's popularity has caused us to keep this favorite around.


Cupping notes: chocolaty, nutty, clean and smooth

Roast profile: Medium+Dark

Origin: San Fransisco Farm in Brazil + Cafe Diego Farm, Nicaragua

Altitude: 3300-4300 ft. + 2300-2900 ft. above sea level

Various Arabica Varietals

Process: Natural and Washed


The Conductor

Cupping notes: Full-bodied, bakers chocolate, hazelnut

Roast profile: Full-city (medium-dark)

Origin: Antigua, Guatemala

Altitude: 4,900 - 5,600 feet above sea level

Arabica variety: Caturra, Bourbon

Process: Washed


Rough and Ready

We call this roast the "Rough & Ready" in honor of the 1870s Turin Baseball Team. This coffee is a single origin bean from the Cafe Diego farm in Nicaragua. At our roastery we stretch the beans right out to second crack and then dump. The result is a well roasted, but not oily bean of fantastic flavor.


Cupping notes: Strong Dark chocolate notes with good body

Roast profile: Dark

Origin: Cafe Diego Farm, Matagalpa Region, Nicaragua

Altitude: 2300-2900 ft. above sea level


Process: Washed


Black River

This Sumatran is our latest addition to our regular line up. It is the darkest roast we have introduced since our "Tug Hill Espresso". This is a true wet-hulled, Sumatran coffee.


Roast profile: French Roast

Origin: Aceh region, Sumatra, Indonesia

Varieties: Abysinnia, Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, Timor Hybrid

Process: Wet-Hulled

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